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Savigny-lès-Beaune, Les Serpentières is 12.14-hectare Premier Cru climat in the wine commune Savigny-lès-Beaune,   situated in Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune.  The vineyard is situated in the Pernand sector of Savigny, north of the Rhoin River on the hillside descending from Bois Noël. Specifically,  Les Serpentières lies just west of Aux Gravains, and toward the village of Savigny.  Facing south from an elevation of 260-270 meters, the sandy, brown soil contains much marl.

There  is  an interesting difference of opinion over the etymology of the name “Serpentières”. Many researchers  insist that the name  refers to the snake-like rivulets that pass through the vineyard whereas some locals,  notably  Jean-Marc Pavelot, insist that the written record attests that the name derives from the sometime-presence  of the reptiles  that tempted Eve.

Excellent examples of  Les Serpentières are made by Domaines Patrick Javiller and by Jean-Marc Pavelot.

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